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ASCELLA Organic Wine Awards

Hunter Valley Boutique Winemakers Show 2014

Premium Verdelho 2013 Silver
Premium Chardonnay 2014 Bronze

Hunter Valley Wine Show 2014

Premium Semillon 2014 Bronze

Australian NZ Organic Wine Show 2013

Premium Semillon 2009 Silver
Premium Chardonnay 2011 Silver
Premium Verdelho 2010 Silver

Royal Sydney Show 2013

Premium Chardonnay 2011 Silver

NSW Wine Awards 2012

Premium Chardonnay 2011 Trophy - Top Organic Wine
Premium Chardonnay 2011 Top 40 Wine Open Class
Premium Shiraz 2009 Bronze Open Class
Reserve Chardonnay 2009 Bronze Open Class

Hunter Valley 2012 Boutique Wine Show

Premium Chardonnay 2011 Gold & Trophy
Premium Shiraz 2009 Silver
Premium Chardonnay 2009 Bronze
Premium Semillon 2011 Bronze

Hunter Valley Wine Show 2011

Premium Verdelho 2010 Silver
Reserve Chardonnay 2009 Bronze
Premium Semillon 2011 Bronze

Australia/New Zealand Organic Wine Show 2011

Premium Semillon 2009 Highest ranking
Reserve Chardonnay 2009 Highest ranking

Australia/New Zealand Organic Wine Show 2010

Premium Semillon 2010 Highest ranking
Premium Semillon 2009 Silver
Reserve Chardonnay 2009 Silver

Hunter Valley Wine Show 2010

Reserve Semillon 2009 Bronze

Hunter Valley Wine Show 2009

Premium Semillon 2009 Silver

James Halliday Rating

Semillon 2009 94 Points and 5 glasses
Chardonnay 2009 91 Points (rated in 2011 as aged)
Verdelho 2010 90 Points
Semillon 2011 94 Points
Chardonnay 2011 93 Points

ASCELLA Organic Wines were launched with the 2009 grape harvest and quickly became recognized as excellent, great tasting award winning wines.

ASCELLA Organic Wine is the largest certified organic vineyard in the Hunter Valley, and is a family owned vineyard with grapevines over 10 years old producing grapes and wine of the highest quality.

ASCELLA Organic Wine is made by Winemaker of the Year Liz Jackson in a  winery.

A pdf version of our awards list is available for download here.