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About Us

We're proud of our team and the care that goes into every bottle of ASCELLA Organic Wine.

My husband Geoff and I are committed to offering the highest quality, purest wine available anywhere in the world.

We both have a deep commitment to health and wellbeing. We love wine with dinner but like many people, we were concerned about the effect on allergies and the headaches that often accompany wine consumption. Recent advances in testing have been able to confirm the wide range of chemicals in non-organic wines, and that has helped us all realize that pure wines made with natural preservatives and without potentially harmful chemicals not only taste better, but are better for us.

Geoff and I believe that for the sake of future generations we must severely reduce the use of chemicals in our environment. We are all affected by the chemicals used in agriculture, from farm workers and neighbours through to our loved ones sitting around the family dinner table. For our part, we choose not to spray harmful herbicides, fungicides and pesticides on the grapes in our vineyard, nor on our vineyard orchard or vegetable garden.

We are inspired by the growth in popularity of wines made with organic grapes. It means more of us are becoming concerned about our own health and the health of our families. Each of us can make the healthy choice, and in doing so can help preserve our environment and make a difference.

To your health!    
Barb Brown