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Organic Wine Difference

The team at Ascella is very proud of our organic wines.  We believe the best and most traditional wines have the fewest potentially harmful chemicals and additives. The highest quality, greatest tasting wines are also made naturally. Organic Wines are not just better tasting they are also better for you, for our environment and better for vineyard workers and neighbours.

Our Organic Wines?

We make our wines using only organic grapes from our secluded vineyard in The Hunter Valley. Nothing harmful goes on our grapes so nothing ends up in your bottle but delicious, well balanced, pure wine.

What is not in Our Organic Wines?

Wine grapes are one of the most heavily sprayed of all crops with a wide range of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Grapes are a sweet fruit and make a great dinner for all kinds of unwanted pests. Studies have found these chemical residues in non-organic wines around the world.

At Ascella's vineyard we encourage a natural ecosystem so the vines are stronger and the plant and animal life lives in balance. Doing this means we don't have to use harmful chemicals.

"On average, pesticides were present at levels 230 times higher than legally permitted in drinking water." - Pesticide Action Network: Analysis of non-organic wines around the world.

The study out of Europe was the first to shine a light on the chemicals in a typical bottle of wine. We've tested our wines using the same methods to ensure their purity and high quality. We've also tested the wines around our own dinner table to ensure their great taste. We're proud to offer you the purest, premium wine available in Australia.

Other Additives?

We use only natural preservatives in our wines. This means they have a lower sulphur content than many other wines. We don't eliminate preservatives completely because preservative free wines generally have a short er shelf-life. For an informative, recently published discussion on sulphites, please download The Preservative Myth

All of our wines are vegetarian friendly.

Price and Quality

We don't believe you should have to sacrifice taste or pay more for wines made from organic grapes. You will be pleasently surprised by our award-winning quality. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our wines are also affordably priced, around the same price as most major brands. Friends of Ascella save even more by joining online.